Grande Collection

The Grande Collection of 3D wall panels takes texture to the next level. A maximum core thickness of 1 1/4″ MDF allows for larger scale texture patterns with more depth and shadow to create an even more monumental feature.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection of textured wall panels provides a variety of patterns for every application from commercial and residential to healthcare and hospitality. The maximum core thickness is 3/4″ MDF which allows for both small-scale subtle texture patterns and just enough depth for decorative wavy walls.

Elevate Collection

Dramatic textured panels from our Elevate Collection will help you transform your interiors from flat to multidimensional. With a maximum core thickness of 1 1/8″ MDF, you have more freedom in scale and depth to create noteworthy 3D walls.

Impressions Collection

For repetitive patterns and geometric designs, select panels from our Impressions Collection. 3/4″ thick MDF is used to create graphic and memorable designs for interiors where harmony and repetition easily translate to textured wall panels.

Our textured panels aren’t really just for walls. They are for all types of interior surfaces. They can be used to enhance the design of furniture, ceilings, cabinets, drawer fronts, and doors. With three distinct collections of a wide variety of patterns to choose, you’ll find just the right texture your project. The Classic Collection consists of an assortment of designs that are all machined on a 3/4″ core MDF with many different wave wall patterns. The Elevate Collection provides grander scale patterns that are machined on 1 1/8″ core material. This allows for more depth and larger pattern variation, adding a bit more drama to your space. The Impressions Collection delivers patterns that are more geometric and simplistic in nature. They are also machined on 3/4″ material. All of our texture panels are available in raw MDF / paint grade finish to be finished onsite, or pressed in any of our beautiful finish options. If you are looking for a finish that you don’t see listed on our finishes page, let us know. We have custom finishes as well. Stay tuned for new finishes and new patterns coming soon.

All of our textured panels are available in Exterior Grade MDF.  Please click here for Exterior Panels specifications and more info.