Core Thickness: 3/4″ thick MDF

Standard Panel Size: 48″ x 96″

Pattern Depth: 3/8″

Square Foot Weight: 2.00 lbs

Pattern Orientation: Vertical pattern orientation

Core Options: Premium MDF with Class C Fire Rating, Class A Fire Rated / FF MDF or Exterior Grade MDF.

Pattern Repeat: Horizontal and Vertical. Full sized panel only. The Fila pattern cannot be force matched.

Ride the FILA Waves

The Fila pattern is a modern twist on the classic wave pattern. With rapid texture beneath the waves, Fila creates motion and movement in ways unlike any other wave patterns. Used for walls, ceilings or any other vertical surfaces to create the drama only Fila knows how to provide.

Install With Ease

Z-clip hardware, point support, industrial adhesive, aluminum channeling and other various millwork applications. Direct screw can be used if ordered unfinished. Because Soelberg Industries does not provide installation services, we recommend that you work directly with a professional contractor or millworker.


Standard 4′ x 8′ panel with vertical orientation.