frequently asked questions

We know you have questions and we have the answers. Our goal is to make specifying Soelberg simple and easy so you can focus on the the fun stuff; exploring products for your next proejct. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. Please contact us for any additional information. We are here to help.

Do you provide installation services?

Unfortunately, we do not provide installation services. But, we work with some of the best in the industry. Please contact your local rep and they will be able to recommend some of their favorite installation companies in your area.

Do you have installation recommendations?

Yes. There are some simple solutions for standard environments. For wall products, the recommended attachment method will vary by core material and thickness. Suggested options include zclip hardware, stand-off hardware or industrial adhesive and VHB tape. For panels attached direct to ceiling substrate, industrial adhesive and VHB tape are easy solutions. When installing ceiling baffles, there are a number of options for deck connection. Our 1/4 – 20 coupler ineracts with most of them for easy installation. Or StrutSnap hardware attachs easily to unistrut. Please work directly with a contract professional as site conditions will vary by project and not all connection methods will be suitable.

What do you recommend for ceiling baffle installation?

Our 1/4 – 20 coupler and StrutSnap work easily with unistrut. The coupler can also be used with a variety of industry standard hardware for deck connection or interaction with unistrut. Please consult with your contract professional to determine the most suitable installation method for your project.

Do you provide trimwork?

For MDF products, we do provide trimwork options. Our Slab product can be ordered in any of our 3D Laminate finishes in sizes of a minimum of 2″ x 12″ and a maximum of 48″ x 96″. For finishes with a wood grain, the grain will run parallel with the 96″ dimension.

Do you provide hardware for installation?

We do offer some basic hardware options. Hardware is not included and must be specified. For wall products, we offer zclip hardware and stand-off hardware. For dividers, we can supply cable suspension hardware options. For ceiling baffles, we offer 1/4 – 20 coupler, StrutSnap and cable suspension hardware for deck and unistrut attachment. Please contact a member of our customer service team for more information.

Can MUTO PET felt be cut to order?

MUTO products are available in full sheets. For custom sizes, please contact your sales representative.

How do you cut MUTO PET felt products in the field?

When cutting MUTO PET felt in the field, we recommend using a sharp utility knife or precision knife combined with a ruler for best possible result. Avoid cutting on an angle as this will create issues with a butt joint installation. For MUTO texture panels, cutting panels will disrupt pattern continuation. Confirm panel location and pattern continuation before making field cuts and cut from the outside to avoid issues in pattern line-up from panel to panel.

Can MDF products be cut to order?

Most of our MDF products are manufactured based on your specific dimensions as we program for pattern continuation. Please provide the width and height of the wall area and we will panelize to fit your site dimensions. Panels must be installed in configuration matching individual panel numbers for pattern repeat.

Do you cut for miter corners in fabrication?

Unfortunately, we do not provide miter cuts in manufacturing. All miter corner cutting must be performed in the field. Because many of our patterns have an organic design, it can be difficult to achieve exact pattern line-up. For skilled laborers, our patterns can be ordered in paint grade material and modified onsite by sanding prior to finishing. To avoid issues of pattern continuation and receive finished panels, a flat bar can be inserted at the corner to increase durability and eliminate problems with pattern line-up.

What if my order arrives damaged?

Please review the shipping notification you signed when placing your order. It is your responsibility to note any damage on the delivery ticket at the time of delivery. Please contact a member of our customer service team for more assistance or for immediate questions.

What is your lead time?

Our standard lead time for most products is 10 business days. (depending upon stock and availability) For larger orders or custom products, your lead time will be established and assigned at the time of order processing.

Do you have product spec sheets?

Yes. Please see product categories for more information.