The Natura Collection of wood panels consists of a variety of texture panels and dividers inspired by the rugged outdoors of Utah’s very own backyard. Each is patterned after the organic lines and repetitions that appear in nature including waves, circles, hexagons and swirls. Manufactured from a Baltic Birch Plywood core, Natura patterns expose the layers beneath the surface resulting in an individual and unique panel every time. With knotting, striping, voiding and shading, you truly create a one-of-a-kind design with a one-of-a-kind product. Each pattern is designed to run continuous both horizontally and vertically across a standard 48″ x 96″ panel with the ability to customize to the very sizes and dimensions of your project. Natura panels are the unique and creative way to bring the ‘outside’ inside.


The Natura Collection architectural panels are manufactured from a Baltic Birch plywood core. Using unique routing methods, we create texture and dimension by exposing the multiple layers beneath the surface of the plywood core. Soelberg Industries makes every effort to use the highest quality material available. Because of the natural characteristics of plywood, variations in color, pattern, texture, grain, and density should not be considered a defect but rather unique and individual characteristics to your product resulting in a one-of-a-kind panel. While the patterns are programmed to run continuous from sheet to sheet, the shading / color consistency will vary from panel to panel and should be expected.

Customers’ purchase and installation of the Natura Collection architectural panels constitute the acknowledgement of the individuality and risks inherent in the use and installation of this natural product.

The Natura Collection architectural panels are available unfinished. All finishing should be done in accordance with local building standards and completed by a licensed finishing contractor. Soelberg Industries is not responsible for changes or modifications made to products in the field.


Core Thickness: All patterns are machined from 3/4″ thick Baltic Birch Plywood. Depth will vary by pattern.

Panel Sizes: 48″ x 96″ with the option to fabricate to size. (Cut-thru patterns are only available in 48″ x 96″.)

Pattern Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical

Pattern Repeat: Horizontal and Vertical on a standard 48″ x 96″ panel. (Specific patterns can be force matched.)

Fire Rating: No rating. In order to achieve a fire rating, necessary fire coating flame spread to be applied in the field.

Installation Methods: Z-clip hardware, point support, industrial adhesive suitable for wood products, aluminum channeling and other various millwork applications. Because Soelberg Industries does not provide installation services, we recommend that you work directly with a professional contractor or millworker



Naturally, Natura

Bring the ‘outside’ in with Natura.



3 simple steps to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Select Pattern

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