The success of our company is thanks to our team.  Steve Soelberg and Kirk Soelberg | Owners



More than 20 years ago, Soelberg Industries began as simple ambition to create. What we have learned during that time is that design is founded in evolution, innovation, collaboration and the way in which we relate to the people and the spaces that surround us. We are a family and we design together.

As you know, we love texture. At Soelberg Industries, we use our curiosity for depth and dimension to sculpt and create ideas. The use of advanced technology and machinery allows us to provide a selection of thoughtfully curated architectural panels and products for your creative ventures. All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Take a look at what we have been up to and we invite you to explore how our products will inspire your next project.

Heidi | Reception

Jimmy | Project Manager

Kate | National Sales Manager

Michael | Design & Marketing

Reed | Plant Manager

Samantha | Project Manager

Jose | Production Manager

Tony | Shipping Manager

Aaron | CNC Manager

Holly | Samples

Delaney | Samples

Kristie | Accounting

Andrew | Engineering

Scott | Engineering Manager

Claudia | Engineering

Ignacio | CNC Operator

Gilberto | CNC Operator

Armando | CNC Operator

Sam | Packaging and Quality Control

Oscar | Packaging and Quality Control

Craig | Facilities

Martin | Adhesive

Alfonzo | Press Operator