Muto Divider Panels

MUTO Acoustical Divider Panels

Noisy spaces? Solution: MUTO Acoustical Divider Panels. MUTO Acoustical Divider Panels provide graphic and organic line quality, patterned shadows, soft and tactile dimension and diffusion of sound. Whether used for walls, ceilings, dividers or components, create memorable interior moments in acoustical core with benefits of sound absorption and sound refraction. With up to 12 colorways to choose from and the option to create tone-on-tone or two-tone panels with 1/2″ MUTO Acoustical Slab Panels, MUTO Acoustical Divider Panels provide high impact design in a thoughtfully functional way. Easy to specify and just as easy to install, MUTO Acoustical Divider Panels provide endless design options with ease.

Need more sound absorption?

When it comes to large open-concept spaces, diffusion of sound has become more than just a fundamental concern. Silence is everything. MUTO products offer the ability to turn function into high-design. PET core absorbs and diffuses sound. MUTO Acoustical Divider Panels offer graphic and textural aesthetic with high functioning noise control. NRC value and rating for MUTO Acoustical Divider Panels can be increased with the addition of a 1/2″ MUTO Acoustical Slab Panels backer sold separately. Select from up to 12 different color ways for tone-on-tone or two-tone panel compositions. Create unique and thoughtfully curated color combinations for your next project. And, enjoy the silence.

MUTO Tone-on-tone

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MUTO Two-tone

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