Live in 3D. Why settle for flat surfaces and two-dimensional spaces when you can use Texture to bring movement, flow, excitement, and drama to any residential, office, or retail surface. Texture consists of a durable MDF core and is available in an array of textures and 3D laminate finishes, perfect for bringing any space to life.

Curve Office Furniture
Curve Office

We’ve got curves in all the right places. Curve office materials are smooth, sleek, and stylish with contoured edges and soft curves for more ergonomic, comfortable designs. We get rid of bulky edges and ugly seams by using high-quality 3D laminate, making any office space feel more welcoming and natural.

Sun Mountain Doors
Sun Mountain

Traditional or modern, bright or dark—Sun Mountain Doors can create the perfect cabinetry look for any kitchen, bathroom, or other residential or commercial space. With over 150 different style combinations and 56 stock color options, you’re sure to find the exact materials you need to create the perfect space. And because all our materials are made with high-impact resistant 3D laminate, they’re durable and won’t crack or chip—so they will continue to be graceful under pressure for years to come.