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MORR Interiors



Ramo, Corda & Tetto



Shelly Harrison Photography

New Hampshire based design firm, MORR Interiors is the 2020 Prism Awards Silver Winner for their work on The Residences at River’s Edge project in Medford, MA.

By combining form and function, Soelberg surfaces were the perfect solution for three specific design needs. First, MORR Selected 3D laminated MDF divider panels as beautiful and statement-making wall art in the lounge area. They continued the use of the decorative panels in the conference area for continued beauty. In the bar area and game room, they selected solid surface core material for highly durable and cleanable performance. Used as a bar front, they selected the Corda pattern with backlighting for an aesthetic that continues well into the night. Because sound control became a concern in this large open space, MORR used MUTO acoustic print panels in the cubby areas for quiet and intimate conversation. We applaud MORR interiors for their work and recognition. #wespeakfluenttexture

Ramo  |  3D Laminated MDF

Corda  |  Solid Surface

MUTO Tetto  |  Acoustic PET Felt

MORR Interiors specializes in Model Home merchandising throughout the New England area. They help builders and realtors sell homes by creating and selling a lifestyle with highly creative interior designs

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