Acoustic Panels for Softening Sound.

Who needs acoustic panels? Workspaces have become larger and noiser. As a result, with added noise comes decreased productivity. So, everyone needs sound diffusion. MUTO by Soelberg offers just that. Texture panels, acoustical ceiling baffles, sound softening divider screens and slab and printed acoustic panels made of 100% PET polyester absorb and diffuse sound so that you can focus and concentrate. With various patterns, prints and colorways to choose from, you have the upper hand in stylish sound control.

SOELBERG offers more...

If decreasing noise is not your focus, but you are looking for rich textural surfaces, we offer the solutions. From laminate finished patterns and solid surface textured panels to real wood core texture, we provide options that fit your budget and design intent. Select from a wide variety of organic patterns and geometric patterns with symmetric panels for endless textural surfaces. If you are seeking to divide space and create boundaries in the every growing open concept, we also provide a wide variety of textural or graphic divider screens. Begin life in 3D.