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Soelberg Industries offers a wide variety of design options and samples.

Begin by browsing our texture solutions.

After you have selected the pattern that is just right your next project, check out the full range of finish options to truly customize our product to your desired appearance.

Next, contact your local rep who will assist you in ordering the texture patterns and finish swatches you need for you next client presentation.

We make designing simple.

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  1. Vanessa Paul says:

    I need the rep’s contact info for the Arizona area.

  2. marvin staller says:

    i am looking for a 3/4″ thick polyvinyl panel with a particle board core. i need a pebble type texture panel that are suitable for a low usage floor panel in our mobile storage system, see website needs to be a wear resistant you have this product or a similar product?

  3. marvin staller says:

    i am looking for 3/4″ thick polyvinyl panels with textured finish

  4. karyn marks says:

    Hi, I am looking for a rep in NYC

  5. Deborah Roush says:

    I am an Interior Designer working with a local hospital and its extended health offices I am not familiar with your product and would like to introduce it to the architects on this project. I would like to have a full set of your samples to use for specifying. Could you put me in contact with a rep for Northern CA?

  6. michele Eddie says:

    I can only find small tiles in Canada which would require a lot of grouting in between them. I have a 9ft by 6 ft wall with a built in double fire place (in the front entryway) and I would like to put a 3D wave pattern on this wall. Can you recommend someone ? and are the panels made larger

  7. Michael Baker says:

    Do you have representation in the Detroit Michigan area. If not, who would be closest one? Thanks for info.

  8. Paige Brice says:

    Need rep for Charlotte NC.

  9. Tulika Wadhwa says:

    What is the minimum quantity needed for custom patterns and who is the local rep in San Francisco Bay Area?

  10. Jill Shobe says:

    I need a rep for the Northern New Jersey area.

  11. Sussn maggio says:

    Can you send me rep contact

  12. Shirley says:

    Please give me rep for michigan!!!

    • Melissa says:

      Hello Shirley,

      I was reaching out to see if anyone had ever answered your request for a Soelberg representative in the Michigan area?

  13. David says:

    Please provide the rep. info for Maryland………..

  14. Sherry Schwartzbach says:

    Looking for a Rep in the Palm Springs, CA area.

  15. Joseph says:

    Need a rep for Westchester County New York area.

  16. Carlo Di Nunzio says:

    Whom is the rep in Houston, Texas?

  17. Justin Bishop says:

    I need a local rep to contact me. We have a commercial project using the oceano panel.

  18. Jodi Michelle says:

    Do you have a national sales rep?

  19. Larry Traxler says:

    Hello – can you please send me contact details for our sales representative for the Washington D.C. or a Hospitality oriented rep?

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