Color Consistency of MDF Products

Our MDF products are manufactured from recycled forest products, therefore due to the color of the raw material, the raw unfinished “paint grade” Textur3D will have variations in color and fiber. This condition is relevant when the designer wishes to clear coat the raw product. The end result will be a natural variation of color and fiber found within the panels used for the manufacturing of Textur3D products. Soelberg Industries will not guarantee a color match of raw boards. Soelberg Industries currently uses several mills for the fabrication of the raw products, each of which contains distinct variations. This variation is most noteworthy in Class A fire-rated board. The mills typically die the center core a pale orange color to distinguish it from the other board products. Due to previously stated variables, we do not offer stain as a stock finish for our Textur3D products.

Color Consistency of Baltic Birch Producs

The Natura Collection architectural panels are manufactured from a Baltic Birch plywood core. Using unique routing methods, we create texture and dimension by exposing the multiple layers in the plywood core. Soelberg Industries makes every effort to use the highest quality material available. Because of the natural characteristics of plywood, variations in color, pattern, texture, grain and density should not be considered defects but rather unique and individual characteristics to the product. While the patterns are programmed to run continuous from sheet to sheet, the color consistency will vary. Clients’ purchase and installation of the Natura Collection panels constitute the acknowledgement of the individuality and risks inherent in the use and installation of this natural product.
The Natural Collection patterns are available unfinished. All finishing should be done in accordance with local building standards and completed by a licensed finishing contractor.

3-D Foil/Laminate Finishes

Important! The grain direction of the foil will always run in the eight foot direction. This means, if vertical grain is required, the maximum width of a vertical grain pressed panel is 48″. Spans greater than this length, which require vertical grain foil, will be split into widths 48″ or less.

The pattern in the panel may run in either the horizontal or vertical direction. This should be considered when designing panels with this finish. The maximum size of panels is 48” x 96”.

Miters and Cuts

Any necessary miters must be cut on-site by the installer/contractor. Soelberg Industries will not be responsible for incorrect or faulty cuts. Not all patterns are capable of being mitered, contact a service representative prior to the issuance of a specification. If a miter is required on a pattern that cannot be mitered, hardware can be provided to accommodate the miter.

Soelberg Industries can produce custom, cut-to-size panels, however the submission of a drawing will be required prior to the completion of a quotation. Field cutting a panel with the membrane finish is not advised or warranted. Installation techniques should be considered when specifying this finish. Divider panels cannot be foil pressed, and are only offered in raw MDF.

Lead Times and Rush Jobs

Soelberg Industries has a standard 10-15 business day lead time for the majority of Textur3D orders. Specific ship dates are quoted upon receipt of both the deposit AND approved shop drawings. Lead times are based on “first come first served” basis and are solely dependent upon our current work load. Occasionally, rush orders are granted at a charge of 30% of the product total with an expedited lead time of 5 business days; contact a service representative for availability and approval.

Photography and Marketing

Customer grants Soelberg Industries the right to photograph or otherwise document the final installation of the product and publish and use the same in marketing materials or such media outlets as Seller deems necessary in its sole discretion.