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Is your work space noisy? Is it hard to concentrate? Interior environments have shifted from small personal spaces to an expansive open-concept floor plan. And, the need for sound diffusion and acoustical panels has become a foundational element of interior design. You know Soelberg Industries for deep profile decorative texture. You have been creating statement walls, ceiling and surfaces in spaces ranging from corporate to hospitality. Now, that texture you have used so often is available in 100% PET Polyester Acoustical Panels core. Take your needs for diffusion of sound and address solutions for large spaces with hard surfaces. Design with MUTO Acoustical Slab and Texture Panels. Consider aesthetics while maximizing acoustical performance.


Core Material: 100% PET Polyester

Acoustic Rating: 0.35 – 0.90 NRC

Fire Rating: 1/2″ core | Class A Fire Rated ASTM – E84

Surface Finish: Matte

Application: Indoor use only

Installation Methods: Muto Acoustical Panels are easy to install. Adhere to substrate using Silicone based construction adhesive. Attach with screws, ZClip Hardware, Stand-off Hardware, aluminum trim and / or millwork. Butt joint panels as tight and flush as possible.

Colorfastness to Light: In accordance with AATCC 16.3 option 3 the color change at 20 AFU was 4.5

Care Instruction: Vacuum to remove dust, remove spills immediately using a clean damp cloth or with soap and water. Carpet and fabric cleaners can also be used. (Always test an inconspicuous area first) Stain repellant coating available for additional protection.

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