Soelberg SAt Soelberg Industries, we’re committed to our customers, our employees and the environment. We provide our customers with high-quality architecture products, manufactured using the latest technologies and techniques. And because we use eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, we’re keeping the earth green at the same time. And that’s a message our employees and customers can stand behind.

We feel it’s important not only to create durable, high-quality products but to ensure that every piece of material we manufacture is safe for the environment and meets the highest standards of indoor air quality. That’s why we use 100% recycled wood products in all our MDF and use only water-based adhesives in all our products. Furthermore, because of our commitment to the environment, we use products from mills certified to the Composite Panel Association’s Environmentally Preferable Product standard and our products can qualify for up to 6 of the US Green Building Council’s LEED credits.

When you use Soelberg materials for your construction and design projects, you’re helping to create a greener world.